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We are keen to back new games to the market and provide local game enthusiasts with early and well priced kickstarter projects. This page outlines what we have already pledged for and we are keen to hear more from you!  So if you have a game you think we should be pursuing contact us at

Orders of kickstarter items are put on hold until the items arrive, at which point we then send it out to you. If you have other items on the order, they will also be held to be sent along with the kickstarter items.

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Grab’em and stack’em! Compete to collect and build the most illustrious board game collection!

Margraves of Valeria is a stand-alone game in the Valeria-Universe.

Build the kingdom, defend its borders and increase your influence throughout the lands. In the campaign mode, players will be competing in an epic journey to collect the most tomes and earn their place among the chronicles of their people.

Viscounts of the West Kingdom is set at a time when the King’s reign began to decline, circa 980 AD. Choosing peace over prosperity, our once strong King began offering our enemies gold and land to lay down their axes.

You are Taylor Minde, rookie pilot of the Force’s Outer Rim. After a crucial battle you are stranded far away from your fleet, lost and alone. With resources running low you jump through warp gate after warp gate hoping to find the right combination home.

This Kickstarter comes with both the base game Black Sonata and the expansion Black Sonata: The Fair Youth.

The original Iron Clays. This set of 100 chips is designed to suit many euro style games. They are also perfect for score tallying or health tracking.

The sky’s the limit in the newest game from Formal Ferret Games!

Merchants Cove is a heavily asymmetric Euro-style game for 1-4 players. Each role features entirely unique gameplay and components.

Egizia: Shifting Sands is a streamlined, modern update of Egizia that both longtime fans and brand new players can easily pick up and enjoy.

In Animal Kingdoms, each player takes on the role of a house leader, battling to gain control of the five kingdoms. Cards in your hand represent noble beasts that have pledged their allegiance to you.

Welcome Heroes! Many magnificent contestants have signed up for the tournament but only a handful will be chosen to join the the Tidal Blades, the elite guards of our island realm.

CRYSTALLO is a solo puzzle/abstract card game with a light fantasy theme.

Terror Below is a game of government experiments gone wild in the Nevada desert.

Hoist your sails, watch for sea monsters, and mind those tricky tides as you travel from island to island, collecting and delivering goods to earn the most gold.

Two years in the making, Oceans is the next stand-alone game in the award-winning Evolution series.

You are the Titans! As sons and daughters of Gaia you are giant deities of incredible strength and the supreme rulers of the legendary Golden Age. Once imprisoned by the Olympians, you have escaped and must now prepare for all out war.

We were light years from our home, galaxies away, when we first discovered this ancient celestial body - a planet filled with intriguing, intelligent lifeforms, not too unlike our own.

Howdy pardner! The name’s Buster. Stick with me and I’ll take you from an unsalted greenhorn to a sourdough miner, lickety-split!

After a successful bank heist, you and your fellow thieves are laying low and enjoying the good life.