Maximum Apocalypse: Jurassic Perils Expansion

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The Geneticists and Scientists made a huge mistake. We were arrogant to think that we could play god and contain mother nature. We didn't just bring back the dinosaurs, we also brought back Jurassic viruses and diseases that decimated our population. Now our world has returned to the Jurassic period and what's left of us try to survive the prehistoric perils of these massive carnivores.

Maximum Apocalypse: Jurassic Perils adds the Archaeologist survivor character and the Jurassic Apocalypse. The Archaeologist is high risk adventurer trying to hunt down precious artifacts from our lost civilization. This expansion also introduces a new dino apocalypse deck of 30 cards with new missions and challenging and chaotic monster chain reactions.

The Adventurer
The Adventurer is an archaeologist who was off pursuing the precious golden idol when the world fell apart.  She starts out quite weak and her deck is risky because of the golden idol cards in it.  When the idol is drawn, played or discarded, you have to destroy all of your gear... but it's discard action is to heal 12 health and destroy all monsters attached to you.

The Adventurer has good card draw abilities, a trusty whip that deals damage and attaches monsters to her and plenty of artifacts and other gear.  She can ramp up to do major damage but there's always that threat of the idol. She has a trusty journal that you can use to jot notes about enemies - any enemies she's learned about suffer double the damage when she attacks their weak spots.

Dinosaur Apocalypse
This apocalypse is designed around the idea of carnivores and herbivores; catalysts and reactions.  Most of the dinosaurs are large beefy creatures that are simply roaming the wasteland.  These docile beasts do not attack you unless they are wounded or attacked. The problem is these pesky raptors and other carnivores are always trying to eat these majestic docile beasts.

When these large herbivores are attacked, they lash out and stampede (dealing damage to all targets in range)...which can set off other stampedes and quickly lead to a lot of damage for the survivors and carnivores alike.  Luckily, you can always return a dino egg to a mommy to discard these large ticking time bombs.


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